Don't take our word for it...

We're dedicated to creating life-changing boudoir photography experiences, but don't take our word for it. Hear from the extraordinary humans that have graced our studio.

Miss E.

“I absolutely loved my photos! Everything about them was exhilarating! I love being able to express my sexuality, my sensual side and be confident doing it! It was an amazing experience that took me to a higher understanding of self love. Thank you so much jasmine! I looove the pictures and I cant wait to work with you again!”

Miss S.

"I am telling you now, before my first Boudoir shoot i was lacking it big time. I went in feeling pretty low, very nervous, and i didnt have much expectations as far as the outcome of the shoot. But, i arrived Jasmine made me feel extremely comfortable even pushing me out of my comfort zone (i desperately needed that).. i left my shoot with so much more than i walked in with; Self love, body confidence, and more than i can even put into words. My second Boudoir shoot i braved the outdoors i thought i was prepared for this shoot but left speechless.. I never imagined feeling so free, soft, vulnerable, brave, and beautiful. I am so grateful for Just Be You Boudoir."

Miss N.

“I literally died and came back to life !!! I can not believe this is me, looking from the outside in is something totally different!! I had no clue they would come out sooo good!!

I loved how comfortable Jasmine made me feel during the shoot. I loved the vision she had for the session and getting my makeup done was so fun and I felt so pampered! I can’t wait to do this again!!!”

Miss D.

"This was such a liberating experience for me! I'm so happy that I took the chance on doing a boudoir shoot with Jasmine. At first I was hesitant to the idea but after hearing Jasmines mission for self-love and women's empowerment, I knew that I had nothing to be afraid of. After each scene I felt more comfortable to let my hair down and just embrace the woman that I am. Jasmine is professional and has a great eye for tasteful and intimate shots. I love my images! Thank you Jasmine, you're the best!"

Miss A.

"Oooo everyone! Can I say Just Be You Boudoir gives you the most beautiful, amazing experience! Such a fun shoot and boyyyyeeee does one feel sexy afterwards! Book a session !! Trust me it’s worth it! If you are looking for an amazing boudoir experience that is uplifting and empowering book with Just Be You Boudoir when I say it was one of the best shoot experiences I have had, I mean it!!! You won’t be disappointed and you’ll be feeling on your self in ways you never have before!"

Miss M.

"My friends set up a boudoir shoot for my bachelorette weekend in Las Vegas. I am super shy and was super nervous… upon meeting Jasmine she made me feel so comfortable everything went so smooth and I had so much fun, she is so professional and sweet. On my wedding day I gave my photos to my husband and he was sooo impressed he wanted more!!! Thanks a bunch!"